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inploi is a sharing economy marketplace connecting people looking for work to hospitality establishments trying to find workers, for ad-hoc shifts or longer term jobs.

Launched in London in 2016, inploi is changing the way staffing works. We believe it costs too much and takes too long for hirers to find good quality candidates, and that it is far too difficult for people looking for work to find opportunities. So whether you’re looking for a few part-time, short-term gigs to support your lifestyle, or you’re after a longer term job, inploi has you covered. And if you need to fill an open position at your hospitality establishment or find staff for your event, inploi has the great people you ought to be hiring. Smarter matching. No wage mark-up. No hidden fees. More equality.

Change the way you work, and let life get in the way. Work when you want to, with inploi.

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