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Customer Service Assistant Required at PizzaBuzz in London


Here at PizzaBuzz, we like to treat our ‘Queen Bees’ (customers) with the best customer service. As one of our worker bees, you will be trained in various areas of the restaurant, providing you with an exciting opportunity to experience working in different areas of PizzaBuzz and finding the perfect role for you!

Each ‘Hive’ job has three levels: Junior, Operator and Master. E.g. if you are starting out in the toppings section, you would be a Junior Buzz Topper’.  Hourly rates of pay will be reviewed along with job skills on at least a three-monthly basis; some Hive Worker Bees may develop at faster buzzing rates!

NB.- Minimum wage is currently at £7. 50 p.h.

GENERAL MANAGER:  Salaried - separate Job Description

ASSISTANT MANAGER:  Salaried - separate Job Description

SUPERVISORS: Starting at £8.50 p.h.

You have proven that you can work well within a team. You are knowledgeable and efficient in all sections and are able to guide your fellow colleagues in following procedures, maintaining consistency and helping them be more efficient.


£7.50 p.h. starting


You are a key part of the operation and you can recognise all the pizza toppings, efficiently punch them through the till and make sure every ingredient is being charged. You also know our great selection of salads and drinks, to make the appropriate suggested upselling.


You know our great selection of drinks and how amazing Mamoo’s Amazing Ice-Cream really is, so it’s up to you to let the customer know. Have they downloaded the app yet?  


BUZZ HOST: used during high ‘buzziness’ periods

£7.50 p.h. starting


You are the first point of contact for our customers. You have a great smile and know how to use it. You are in control of the queue offering menus while people wait to show them how to download our app and keeping the little ones occupied and happy with our Little Beez goodie bag. The floor is yours and you lend a hand when tables need clearing to ensure there is a smooth flow coming in and out of the building. Is there a queue outside in the rain? No problem we have our very own umbrellas which you give out to keep people dry while they wait.



£7.50 p.h. starting


Armed with a smile, the skill to engage our ‘queens’ and an in-depth knowledge of all our amazing toppings, you are the one who builds the pizza to the customer’s specification, maintaining a level of consistency and ensuring there is the right amount of each ingredient. 


£7.50 p.h. starting


You work hard behind the scenes and are an essential member to the team. You are in charge of hastily transforming every dirty dish and piece of cutlery into a sparkling, spotless, ready to use ware.



£7.50 p.h. starting


You are the person that makes sure the customer gets exactly what they have ordered and the last chance to make sure everything is perfect.  A keen eye, speed and organisational skills are imperative for the role of Buzz Co-Ordinator.



£7.50 p.h. starting


You are in charge of quenching people’s thirst. Armed with a smile and in-depth knowledge of our products you must be efficient in keeping up with the line and keeping a tidy and stocked up bar.



(Dough Stretchers)



You are the core of the hive and the first face in the line. You will stretch the dough with a touch of theatre while maintaining the highest level of consistency to ensure the pizza comes out perfect every time.




(Oven Cook)



To maintain a 350 degree temperature in the oven and insert a log every half an hour. To rotate the pizzas in the oven starting nearest to the flame and moving away, while maintaining a consistent cooking time of 150 seconds.


(Prepares the Dough)


You know the 15-step dough preparation method, and practise it successfully every time, without fail!

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  • Customer Service Assistant

  • Full-Time
  • Restaurant

£Competitive (hourly)

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Required Skills

Customer service Food hygiene Dishwashing Drinks service Hard working Reliable Flexible working hours Personable Positive attitude Quick learner Seeks development Literate Numerate


Limited (6 months)


Start Date: ASAP End Date: N/A



2b Worship Street, London EC2A 2AH

PizzaBuzz Ltd., Alphabeta House, Ground Floor Unit