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POLPO, meaning "octopus" in Italian, is a Venetian bàcaro - a humble restaurant serving simple but authentic food all freshly prepared on-site, paired with young Italian wines and classic Italian aperitivo cocktails. We currently operate 9 restaurants across London, Brighton & Bristol.

Our restaurants all revolve around the idea of simplicity, of stripping things back as far as we possibly can until we get to its very essence. This applies to our food and drinks menus, the interiors of our restaurants, and the warm & hospitable manner with which we look after our customers as if they were our friends dining in our very own homes.

Our teams & our customers are at the very centre of everything we do, and as such we do not enforce a uniform and fully encourage you to express your individuality whilst at work.

Employer Feature - POLPO

In conversation with Thea, Assistant Manager at POLPO

“I think one of the main things for POLPO is that you care about POLPO. You have just got to have the passion and initiative itself. I think a lot of people who come to London come here for a challenge and to grow as a person, and there’s space for that here. They’re willing to teach you, anything you need to know to succeed, which I think is very rewarding, because it’s all about you growing as a person. I don’t think there’s a limit within this company, as long as you do your best.”