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Human One

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Human One are hosting an Open Day on Tuesday 5th December (9 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6XF)

Human One provide London's most iconic hotels, bars and restaurants with staff of the highest quality.

With over 25 years in our business, we find the best in London, for the best in London.

Our team understand all aspects of the hospitality industry as our experienced Consultants have all worked in many of London's go-to venues.

First-hand experience of first-class service means we understand how important high standards are. Not just for our clients in the capital’s most renowned and exclusive places to sleep, eat and drink, but also for the candidates they’re partnered with.

Room Attendant

£Competitive (hourly)

Human One, 9 Kingsway London WC2B 6XF

Employer Feature - Human One

In Conversation with Amber from Human One

It’s amazing for us to see them progress. We have some candidates who were room attendants and now they’re a front of house manager. It takes time, but it’s amazing to see. I think the most important thing is that most of us are an example. We started out where they are, and it’s good proof to show them that if they start somewhere, there is a chance to progress.