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Work at London's coolest events this year

Work at London's coolest events this year inploi Team | 04.12.2017

Want to work at London’s coolest events, top stadiums and awe-inspiring venues? Looking for flexible work - from weekend or evening shifts, through to summer gigs and popups? Fuel Hospitality are hiring! We caught up with Fuel Hospitality’s Director, Ross to find out more about this fast-growing business, and how you can become a part of it.

Fuel Hospitality is one of London’s top event staffing companies. “We do everything,” Ross explains, “From major events, to B&I (business-and-industry), to chefs. Pretty much every sports stadium, or social event in London. We do flexible work, but equally, we have a lot of opportunities for those wanting to work on a full-time basis. We have work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day”. With 3,500 active staff on their books, and a team of 60-70 core team members who maintain an ongoing relationship with Fuel Hospitality throughout the year, the scope of jobs available is outstanding.

In addition to frequently providing staff to London top sports stadiums and arenas, Fuel Hospitality also cover the British summer season - working at likes of Ascot, Goodwood and Henley Royal Regatta, and even as far afield such as Dubai! In these instances, Fuel Hospitality draw upon their core team, organising transport to and from venues; focussing on providing the best customer service to their clients, and a fun work environment for their staff: “If you’re part of the core team, you get to go to amazing places and meet lots of different people”.

Every new team member is brought into the office for onboarding - to meet the Fuel Hospitality team and gain basic training. If people want to work with their friends, the team at Fuel Hospitality will do their best to make it happen. “We’re very personal,” Ross explains. “ If we have a group of friends, we try and keep them together, so they enjoy it more”. In addition, for those looking to pursue further jobs in hospitality, all staff are given access to Flow online training, where they can gain certification in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and other nationally-recognised qualifications.

Working for a company like Fuel Hospitality provides a great springboard into the world of work, whether people are looking for a career in hospitality, or merely a stop-gap position. The diversity of jobs available provides unique insights into different events/catering/bar/restaurant and cafe environments, and plenty of scope for on-the-job learning. Although they cannot provide job-specific training for more specialised roles such as Baristas, Mixologists and Chefs, Fuel Hospitality certainly opens the door for people to find their passion.

In spite of its size and incredibly fast growth, Fuel Hospitality maintains a small business feel - offering it’s staff a personal, first-hand experience, and the chance to work at some of London’s coolest venues and events. Are you ready?

Interested in joining the Fuel Hospitality team? Find out more about their latest job openings by visiting the Fuel Hospitality company page here.