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Wine, Spirit & Bartender Training: Why take WSET courses?

Wine, Spirit & Bartender Training: Why take WSET courses? inploi Team | 06.10.2017

What is the WSET?

WSET stands for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust - an internationally respected organisation which aims to deliver the best wine and spirit education to professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

What qualifications do they offer?

The WSET provides three different qualifications:

  • Certificates in Wines, Spirits and other alcoholic beverages
  • Higher Certificates in Wines and Spirits
  • Diplomas in Wines and Spirits

Their most popular ‘Awards’ are offered in the following categories:

The WSET Level 1 Awards are the beginner courses for those interested in learning more about their chosen subject.

Level 1 often only takes one day to complete, providing a foundation of key terms and principles.

Level 2 is a step up, requiring students to read a textbook, as well as attending a three-day course in order to complete the certification. Most course providers offer a 6-day course to complete Level 3 and a much wider knowledge through practice and reading is required.

The WSET also provide a Level 4 Diploma in Wine and Spirits. This is one of the most well-respected qualifications in the wine industry, with only 9,177 people to have ever completed it! Those who have attained the certification often see it as a springboard to join world-renowned institutions including the The Institute of Masters of Wine.

Why take a WSET course?

The WSET Awards are a great way to set your CV/profile apart from other candidates, particularly if you are applying to a specialised wine bar, cocktail bar, brewery or winery!

Having a deeper level of knowledge in wines and spirits will help boost your confidence when selling to customers, and is also likely to help with future career progression.

Level 1 and Level 2 are popularly paid for by employers, or can be undertaken by individuals prior to employment.

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