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Welcome to Southam Street

Welcome to Southam Street inploi Team | 12.02.2018

Sister restaurant to Notting Hill's game-changing restaurant, 108 Garage, the stylish and exotic Southam Street has opened just a stone's throw away; hugging the corner of Golborne Road. We caught up with the team to discover what it's been like building a new concept from the ground up.

They might feel like the new kids on the block, just a few streets away from the iconic Portobello Road, but Southam Street is writing its own rules. Southam Street is a three-storey fusion journey. The ground floor offers customers a cool, casual dining space (with a mouth-watering menu based on a Robata Grill). Travel up another floor, and you are transported to a stylish sake bar and lounge, for a pre or post dinner drink, adjacent to the Sushi and Raw bar which offers exquisite Nikkei style fusion cuisine. Finally, the top floor is home to a vibrant, exotically-themed and beautifully striking tequila and mezcal parlour.

We met with Kristine, part of the front of house team at Southam Street, who joined before the venue had even opened in October 2017. "We built the place together," she says, "At first it was really tough. We didn't know the place - new people, new menu." However, the team thrived off the challenge, witnessing the venue growing in popularity: "We built our house, so we're closer together." (Evidently furniture building makes for a good team bonding exercise!).

The food in the restaurant focusses on sharing plates in the style of Nikkei, inspired by food of Asia and South America. "The original idea hasn't changed at all," Kristine says. "I feel it's a really good idea. Sharing is caring. My favourite thing on the menu is the korean chicken bun. It's really good. It's korean chicken which is a bit spicy, with kimchee. It's the perfect combination. All of the food has a little bit of spiciness, which is really cool. Everything on the menu is so good, you want to try everything!"

The restaurant is particularly busy for weekend dinners and brunch, but maintains a relaxed vibe; offering something new to London's culinary scene. For those who love expanding their knowledge of food, wine and spirits, Southam Street offers the perfect learning environment; with plenty of opportunities to meet suppliers and try new things. There may have been a lot to take onboard when the venue opened its doors to the public in October last year, but the team have always helped each other out; offering support, having a laugh and taking each step in their stride. We get the feeling Southam Street is one to watch this year.

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