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Using Social Media effectively: a post by our Community Manager, Malan

Using Social Media effectively: a post by our Community Manager, Malan inploi Team | 19.05.2016

Malan Jacobs reflects on his first three weeks as inploi’s Community Manager and provides a summary of key lessons he has learnt about using social media effectively.

As inploi approaches its launch date I am tasked with the important role of building inploi's social media presence and engaging in various digital PR activities. February 2016 was a good month for inploi's social media, especially on the Twitter front, with 204 new followers joining and just over 42,000 tweet impressions loading.

Twitter is much more than a broadcasting platform and arguably the most misunderstood of all well-known social platforms. Twitter's power lies in the ability of the user to reach out to virtually anyone - with a short bio and short snippets of information enabling the user to quickly decide who to follow and/or interact with. Twitter tools such as Audiense (formerly Socialbro), and Buzzsumo are incredibly valuable in identifying targeted people to follow and interact with. We've seen a great deal of interaction on our tweets and make use of Twitter lists to add a component of "organisation" to our community. Organising followers in lists ensure that you don’t lose track of influencers, journalists or other potential partners or clients in your field.

Links to content posted relates to the various ‘fields’ that inploi operates in. These include the sharing economy, the gig economy, freelancing, self-employment, careers, recruitment and the hospitality sector. Searching for these keywords, either with or without a hashtag, assists one to find influencers sharing content related to your industries, to find content to repost or retweet, to pick up on online discussions, to respond to questions and to get a “feel” for what is happening in your niche.

Managing social media accounts can be an overwhelming undertaking if you don't work according to a strategy and differentiate between the different elements of a successful social media plan. Something as simple as finding and logging great content to post can quickly be forgotten if it's not an activity explicitly mentioned in the strategy. Logging content is important, as it keeps track of journalists that have written recent articles about your industry.

When people scroll down your timeline they should see a good mix of tweets related to your brand, tweets that link to good content of other sharers (always mention the author's handle if available, and the handle of the source), as well as retweets. Retweeting is not only a method to share great content, but also to build a relationship with your community. Ensure that the content that you retweet is in line with your relevant industries. One can assume that the first few tweets of any Twitter timeline are important for a potential follower to decide if he/she will follow you or not. Remember that adding value to your followers is the first goal, and posting brand-related content, second.

Alongside a social media strategy, you need a content strategy. inploi's December article on LinkedIn titled In the Sharing Economy, Reputation is Key received a staggering amount of shares across social platforms, and is closing in on 19 000 views. The following is a snippet from Buzzsumo:


In the coming months the inploi team will expand its content strategy to include interviews with users, thought leader articles on our industries and bios of inspirational people around the world, true to inploi’s tagline: “work when you want to”.

Alongside a social media strategy, a digital PR strategy is critical. This includes engaging with industry-related influencers, as well as journalists and bloggers. Some of the most notable influencers in the sharing economy industry includes Rachel Botsman, Benita Matofska, Professor Arun Sundararajan, April Rinne, Jeremiah Owyang and Neil Gorenflo.

The key of engaging influencers is once again that of adding value. A relationship on Twitter must be mutually beneficial for both parties. Show your appreciation by regularly interacting with your influencers' tweets.

Working for inploi has been great so far. As launch draws ever closer we will be hustling and scrambling to get all of our ducks in a row - something many of you in the entrepreneurship space will be familiar with. We can’t guarantee success, but read this article, "We Know Our Startup Might Fail. That is Why We Keep Going", written by co-founders Matt and Alex, on why we keep going nevertheless.

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