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Three Cheers Pub Co. - A small pub family with one big heart

Three Cheers Pub Co. - A small pub family with one big heart inploi Team | 27.09.2017

Established in 2003, the Three Cheers Pub Co. own some of London’s most quintessentially British and handsome pubs south of the River Thames. With seven pubs currently on their books and another two set to open in the forthcoming year, this little group has a big heart, priding themselves on celebrating the simple pleasures in life. Widely known for their seasonal British food, beautiful English beers, fine wines, gorgeously-crafted pubs and garden spaces, Three Cheers Pub Co. are growing from strength to strength.

We caught up with the team at The Avalon, South Clapham’s local pub, to find out what makes working with Three Cheers Pub Co. unique. “We’re a bit of everything”, Holly, the Group’s Service Manager explains, “You can come and have dinner in the dining room, or drink in the bar - until 1am on a Friday or Saturday night with DJs.” As one of the group’s larger venues, The Avalon offers its customers a diverse setting - available for a whole roster of events from relaxed pub drinks in their summer garden through to private dining for weddings, and of course the forthcoming Christmas party season. “September is the best,” Nes (Events Manager) says, “you can sort out Christmas and then you can focus on October and November - it’s just crazy! But the garden - that’s what makes it unique. It’s only open for 3-4 months in summer so everyone rushes in.”

The energy from the team is effusive as they talk about day-to-day activities at The Avalon. Having moved from a fine-dining restaurant environment, Waitress, Lucy is settling into the more relaxed pub environment, “It’s free - and familiar”, she explains, “you can be yourself here.” Nes agrees, “The friendliness you get in a pub is great. You see the same faces over and over again - every day. We are the local. If you don’t see them here, you see them on the tube, at the supermarket. You see them everywhere! That is extremely rare in London.” With no strict uniforms, the team can bring their own character to their role and everyone feels a part of the family.

This family feel is reflected in the longevity of the team, with some staff having worked at Three Cheers Pub Co. for the past fifteen years! The company’s co-founders also remain heavily involved in the running of their seven pub sites, making weekly cross-site visits and they subsequently know most of the staff by name. “Our owners are still very much hands-on.” Holly adds, “The company has a face, and long may that continue. It’s very much a family, it really is.”

Although the group continues to grow, it’s important that everyone feels welcome and that they can progress forward in their career. Where possible staff undertake training - from online training in cellar management, health and safety and licensing, or getting to know their suppliers firsthand through beer, wine and cocktail tours. “We want to train the right candidates and get people into their career.” Lucy explains, “Some of our Managers are earning fabulous money. It’s about constant progression.” In addition to regular training, staff also receive the benefit of flexible rotas, meals on shift, and last (but not least), The Avalon staff Christmas party, hosted in January each year. “We close the pubs for the whole day and the next morning as well.” Lucy says, “It’s the best day of the year!”.

If you are interested in joining the The Avalon family, check out the Three Cheers Pub Co. company page here, for more information on their current job openings.