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Think you’ve got what it takes to open your own restaurant?

Think you’ve got what it takes to open your own restaurant? inploi Team | 10.11.2017

A year and a half ago, Patrick Falla, owner and Director at Hanger & Cellar decided to leave his former position to pursue the dream of opening his own restaurant. We met up with Patrick to find out what inspired the creation of Hanger & Cellar, and to discuss the joys and challenges of opening your own venue.

“I basically started eating steak as soon as I had teeth”, he jokes, reflecting on where the concept for Hanger & Cellar began. “I’d been looking into the rise of the casual dining scene in London and wanted to look at a way that we can provide great quality, but making it something more approachable.” As a result, the menu at Hanger & Cellar has two key focusses; the first being exceptional quality, globally-inspired meat dishes, such as hanger steak, marinated picanha ‘asada’, and ‘secreto’ iberico pork shoulder – all cooked over a charcoal fire. The other half offers guests a selection of exquisite tapas-style sharing dishes including, smoked beef tartare, pigs head croquettes, and truffle gnocchi gratin. Hanger & Cellar provides its customers with exciting food at not-so-crazy London prices. It’s very much a social dining space – a great spot for people to visit with family and friends alike. In addition to the restaurant area upstairs, they have recently opened their ‘cellar’, which offers guests similar food and cocktails to the restaurant space upstairs but in a much cosier, more intimate environment.

The team at Hanger & Cellar may be small, but they punch well above their weight – with Patrick leading the focus on top customer service, fine wines, bespoke cocktails and innovative food options. Patrick has worked in the hospitality for best part of 10 years in the hospitality industry – from restaurants, through to hotels, events and hospitality solution companies, and it is this wealth of experience, passion and knowledge which stands him in good stead at the helm of this fast-changing and growing business.

Having worked closely with his kitchen team over the past six months to re-design their menu and open the cellar area downstairs, Patrick’s ready to take the business into its next phase. Although keeping within the parameters of his original vision is key, Hanger & Cellar offers an incredibly creative and adaptive environment for those looking to pursue a career in hospitality. “We’re really investing into recruiting a really great team to help drive the company forward.” Patrick says. “The whole goal from the outset is that this would be a concept we can replicate. Ultimately, we would love the opportunity to open in a couple of different locations across London, and see where we can go from there.”

If you’re interested in joining this young, fast-growing company, check out the latest opportunities available on the Hanger & Cellar company page here.