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The Ultimate Career Guide for Hospitality Students in the UK

The UK's hospitality industry is thriving, and as the 4th largest employer in the UK, offers great opportunities for students. This guide is specifically written for current or prospective UK hospitality students, but the following groups of people will benefit as well:

  • Hospitality workers already involved in the sector, but who are looking to broaden their skill set, experience and advance their career
  • Non-hospitality students looking to earn a side-income to support their lifestyle / fund their studies

This guide comes from the hours of research we’ve put into building inploi, combined with some of the best recent news items on the topic and our knowledge and experience as recent students ourselves. We will touch on topics including options for study, where to get experience and how to build the necessary soft skills that this sector requires. You will also hear from Charles Smith, Head Chef at Alyn Williams At The Westbury and Young National Chef Of The Year 2011.

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Written by inploi Team | Thursday 2nd of June 2016


The Ultimate Career Guide for Hospitality Students in the UK

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