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The Top Guide to Bartender Training in London

The Top Guide to Bartender Training in London inploi Team | 05.10.2017

It’s never a bad thing to have a couple of cocktail recipes up your sleeve! Whether you’re looking to host your own cocktail party, or pursue a career as a bartender or mixologist, here are our top recommendations for bartender training schools in London to help you gen up on your wine, spirit, beer (and coffee) knowledge.

London Bar School

Best for: Soon-to-be international mixology experts

Why: Great for people who need to learn at their own pace. With an average of 6-hours contact per day, this course is not for the faint-hearted. You will be taught everything from classic cocktail recipes through to bar set-up/break-down, sales techniques, free pouring, flairing and other stylish tricks for cocktail bartending and mixology! (Accommodation is available at an extra cost for those who have travelled from further afield to take the course).

Courses include:

School-specific diploma | £895 | 4-week course | Angel

European Bartender School

Best for: Bartending adventurers!

Why: The European Bartending School is the world’s largest barschool company, with 24 schools worldwide for you to choose from! EBS London in Bermondsey offers students the chance to gain globally-recognised qualifications in bartending and mixology, and courses are offered in four different languages: English, French, Italian and German.

NB: Accommodation is also available at an extra cost.

Courses include:

School-specific diploma | £190-1530 | 2-day to 4 week courses | Bermondsey

The Spirit Lab

Best for: Fast-paced introduction to bartending and mixology

Why: Offering a mix between classic bartending and modern mixology techniques, The Spirit Lab provide students with a fast-paced, hands-on learning experience to kickstart their career in professional bartending and mixology. With a 70/30 split between practical application and theoretical training, students are given knowledge they can take with them beyond the course and into the workplace.

Courses include:

School-specific diploma & WSET L1 in Spirits | £799 + VAT | 1-week course | Old Street

Camden Cocktail Academy

Best for: Indecisive all-rounders who are hungry for wine, spirit, beer & coffee knowledge

Why: Camden Cocktail Academy’s bar course is unusual for three reasons:

  1. Students get hands-on experience from day one working at their venue by Camden Lock.
  2. Camden Cocktail Academy’s bartending course incorporates coffee, beer, wine, spirit and cocktail-making, garnish & service modules: giving students the best overall background knowledge in customer service and bartending, regardless of where they want to work.
  3. All alumni (or “Certified Guns”) are automatically members of the Camden Cocktail Academy, providing lifelong privileges and discounts at venues across London.

NB: Optional accommodation also available at The Generator for those attending for an extra fee.

Courses include:

School-specific certificate & WSET qualifications | £195-1595 | 3-day to 4-week courses | Camden

Wine School Franchises

Best for: All levels of wine knowledge! (No need to be shy)

Why: The Wine School Franchise has four schools across London: East London Wine School, West London Wine School, South London Wine School, North London Wine School. They offer an excellent array of courses, including gin, whisky and beer tastings on a frequent basis. There’s no excuse not to find a course to suit your interest or knowledge level!

Courses include:

WSET training in Wine and Spirits or School-specific certificate | £25-230 | 3-hour to 8-week (1 night per week) courses | Schools in Greenwich, Camden Fulham and Aldgate

Bas Bartending School

Best for: Learning from London’s most experienced bartending teachers

Why: As Europe’s first bartending school, Bas Bartending School’s 4-week cocktail course has been running since 1983! Learn from some of London’s most experienced bartenders and mixologists. Whether you’re looking to learn how to mix drinks for your very own cocktail party, or become an international bartender, Bas Bartending School will have a course to fit your interests.

Courses include:

School-specific certificate | £95-750 | 1-day to 4-week courses | Harrow

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