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The Top Guide to Barista Training in London

The Top Guide to Barista Training in London inploi Team | 26.05.2017

Here is the ultimate guide to barista training courses in London, collated by the inploi team. If you read our previous post, “When Baristas Became Artists”, you were surely impressed by the world-class barista skills on display at this year’s World Championships, and perhaps inspired to pursue barista training yourself!

Most of the barista training courses mentioned in this article follow the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Diploma System. It consists of 6 modules that cover different topics including: Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Roasting, Brewing and Barista Skills. All courses have three levels of qualifications: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. Your mission? To obtain 100 points. Obtaining the diploma is a way to finding out the path that most interests you, and is an undeniable plus on you CV/profile when applying to Barista jobs in London.


Best for: Aspiring cafe owners, roasting rookies and beginner Baristas

Why: Award-winning BaristaBarBar Coffee Roastery and Coffee Lab is London’s largest coffee school. The East End’s original coffee school offers a variety of Barista training courses, from elementary coffee brewing through to Latte art, cupping and full-day intensive courses to help cafe entrepreneurs learn the basics of setting up their own coffee shop!

Courses include:

  • Coffee Brewing Workshop
  • Cupping Coffee
  • Basic Barista Course
  • Latte Art Course
  • Full-Day Intensive Barista Boot Camp
  • Roasting Coffee Course
  • Starting a Cafe Course

SCAE | £35-175 | Half day & Full day courses | Brick Lane

Prufrock Coffee

Prufrock Coffee

Best for: Highly-motivated Coffee Lovers

Why: Prufrock Coffee is run by an extremely competent team, including the 2009 UK and World Barista Champion, Gwilym Davies. In addition to the SCAE courses, Prufrock offers additional customisable courses. You can also book private masterclasses for yourself and a few friends to gain a unique barista training experience.

Courses include:

  • Foundation courses: Covering 4 SCAE introductory modules, as well as a Latte Art Workshop and a Private Barista Training.
  • Intermediate courses: Offering 3 more SCAE modules, including Barista Skills, Brewing and Sensory.
  • Advanced courses: Professional Barista Skills and Brewing.

SCAE | £110-£500 | Half day & Full day courses | Holborn

10000 hours

London School of Coffee

London School of Coffee

Best for: Green Coffee Enthusiasts and Caffeine Devotees

Why: Earning a spot in our best guide for barista schools in London, The London School of Coffee (LSC) is unique for providing two different barista-training schemes: the SCAE and LSC. The highly-qualified team of trainers include coffee championships judges, as well as coffee specialists who have gained invaluable knowledge travelling to coffee plantations worldwide.

Courses include:

  • SCAE Basic, Intermediate & Professional courses: (see Prufrock courses for more details)
  • LSC Basic, Intermediate & Professional Barista: London School of Coffee has launched its own modules. Though similar to SCAE, they mainly focus on green coffee and are likely to be of more interest to coffee roasters, coffee buyers, and other technical staff.

SCAE, LSC & VRQ (Vocationally Recognised Qualifications)| £210-£850 | Full day & 3-day courses | Kingston upon Thames

ground coffee

Artisan Coffee School

Artisan Coffee School

Best for: Coffee Hipsters and Talented Taste Buds

Why: We are proud to include one of inploi’s training partners in our guide to top barista training opportunities in London. Artisan Coffee School has the widest range of barista courses available – with different options based on skill level and duration. Not to mention that they have the first ever SCAE-registered professional barista in the UK and Europe as a mentor! 

SCAE | £75-£800 | Full day & 4-day courses | Ealing


Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Coffee School

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Coffee School

Best for: For Curious and Motivated Aspiring Coffee Experts

Why: This London-based barista training course is an affordable way of gaining deeper knowledge. In addition, by participating in barista training with the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, you help them to support four fantastic charities: Afri-Can, Pump Aid, CLRSC and Team Up.

Courses include:

  • The Craft and Science of Espresso: Taught in classes of 3-5 people, learn the fundamentals of coffee extraction and latte art.
  • Latte Workshop: Learn everything you need to know about steaming milk and perfecting Latte art in a group of max. 4 people. 
  • Brewing for Taste: For those who want to perfect filter coffee at home, master 3 coffee-making techniques in a bespoke class for 4-8 people.

Tailored course structure| £60-£70 | Evening courses | Various sites across London

filter coffee

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

UNION, Hand-roasted Coffee

Best for: Coffee-lovers Addicted to Coffee’s Sweet Bitterness

Why: One of the best barista training courses in London, as well as delivering courses at a reasonable price. Union’s coffee scored 84+ on the Speciality Coffee Association’s (SCA) international scale – evidence of its exceptional quality! 

Courses include:

  • SCAE Diploma Courses: For the professionals.
  • Union Trade Courses: Exceptional training for cafes and restaurants.
  • Coffee at Home Courses: Learn how to make the perfect cup from the comfort of your own home.
  • Brew it Yourself: For caffeine-addicts who want to learn how to make great coffee fast.

SCAE system| £100-£250 | Full day & 3-day courses | Newham

UNION, Hand-roasted Coffee

Doppio Coffee Warehouse

Doppio Coffee Warehouse

Best forEspresso- and Latte-lovers alike 

Why: Another inploi training partner, we’re excited to include Doppio in our list of London’s top barista training schools. Doppio Coffee Warehouse courses are a great way to help you start your own coffee shop and get the business support you need

Courses include:

  • Basic Barista Training: An end-to-end education in coffee, including the best equipment to brew it and maintain your coffee shop machinery.
  • Corporate Training: Bespoke courses for corporate clients.

Tailored course structure | £60-£150 | 1-day courses | Camden, Shoreditch & Wandsworth


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Images courtesy of: Prufrock Coffee, London School of Coffee, Artisan Coffee School, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Coffee School, UNION Hand-roasted Coffee, Doppio Coffee Warehouse

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