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The Merchant is Canary Wharf’s very own craft beer pub

The Merchant is Canary Wharf’s very own craft beer pub inploi Team | 10.11.2017

The Merchant is Canary Wharf’s favourite local pub. For those working in the wharf’s skyscrapers, there’s nothing better than going for a casual drink with work colleagues and friends at the end of a long hard day in the office. Previously a fine-dining restaurant, The Merchant has recently reopened its doors – offering Canary Wharf a funky craft beer pub space, fit for the 21st century. We caught up with Stella who has worked at The Merchant throughout its development over the last 2 years.

Starting her career in hospitality working in a small Italian café, Stella transitioned over to the bar and pub scene, finding her passion for bartending and most surprisingly, craft beers and ales: “I used to not like beer before, but to be honest I’ve come here and tried so much and I’ve been like, ‘Wow’, and I’m now a big fan!”.

Her favourite part of the job is being able to interact with new customers and welcoming back familiar faces. “You can make recommendations and people like it a lot - there’s a lot of self-satisfaction.” Stella explains, “You have the regulars - you see them walking outside the door and you already reach for the glass and pour a pint so by the time they’re at the bar, the pint is already there.” Overlooking Canary Wharf’s North Dock, The Merchant occupies a unique spot in the city, offering guests and the staff there a very special place to relax and enjoy one another’s company. “I think it’s one of the best in Canary Wharf.” Stella says with a smile.

The pub’s location also presents a diverse range of customers. Monday to Friday, the pub is busy with work meetings, and casual post-work drinks. At the weekend, it attracts local families and tourists from all over the world – most popularly for The Merchant’s traditional British roast. “We do the best Sunday roast in the wharf!” Stella explains. “It’s one of the best I’ve had in my life. On Sunday it’s a completely different shift to the rest of the week. It’s so cool to hear different accents from tourists visiting from overseas. It makes it different.”

Originally from Italy, Stella’s very much made London her home. With Brexit discussions underway, Fuller’s have made every effort to make their staff feel welcome and part of the Fuller’s family, offering all those who have been with Fuller’s over a year to pay for their residence in the UK. “It’s amazing. It makes you feel more part of the family - you feel cared about and you don’t feel alone. Especially if you’re coming from another country, you don’t want to be left on your own. Any new people who join us, we will take care of them.”

As part of her role, Stella is also one of Fuller’s Service Coaches who ensure that staff are fully up to date with the relevant knowledge to fulfil their role, and that every customer leaves happy. Regular staff training and quarterly Fuller’s training sessions not only help the team to bond, but also provide the chance for each individual to progress within the business. For supervisory staff like Stella, organising and hosting on-site training helps her gain great experience in team leadership and management. “Fuller’s is a really good company to work in because they take of you - they pay for your training and they want you to progress. If they see you’re good, they want you to go up and they will invest in you.”

If you’re interested in working at The Merchant, check out their latest job opportunities on The Merchant company page here.