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Starting a start-up:  inploi, the on-demand jobs platform

Starting a start-up: inploi, the on-demand jobs platform inploi Team | 19.04.2016

Blog post number one! Welcome to inploi, the on-demand jobs platform - our start-up company and life for the next who-knows-how-long. We’ll write about the journey, our thoughts, our excitement, our failures and relevant news and developments on here. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Why inploi? We have both been students, trying to find jobs in the summer to earn some extra cash. Our experiences made us think this was a good idea. One summer in particular got the cogs moving. I wanted something short term and flexible for a few weeks. A waiting or catering job seemed just the ticket! Surely it would be super easy to find something in London, a city heaving with restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs and events needing caterers? I hit the streets, making a beeline to a little Mediterranean place in whose window I had seen a sign- “Waiting staff needed”- a few days beforehand. They had filled the position, but wished me luck. No matter. The web was full of open positions, I would just get one of those. Multiple applications and zero responses later, that seemed a dead end too. I had a couple of weeks free, and did not have time to waste searching for a something to do. Catering agencies only had training days weeks away. That wouldn’t do.

I knew from past experiences that people hiring often needed staff at short notice too, so how were they doing it? Surely there was a way for all this to work better. I was capable, and willing to work. There must be countless places that needed a position to be filled. Why couldn’t we find each other? And so from that experience and a few discussions around the matter later, the seeds of inploi were sown.

What was to become inploi morphed and changed over the course of the ensuing year and a bit, initially spent at Oxford’s Saïd Business School. For a long time inploi was going to be WorkWise, a platform designed to link domestic workers and households in South Africa. The experience I’d had finding work didn’t go away though, and a trip to the U.S. with the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance and then through Silicon Valley pulled numerous trains of thought together. Something was needed to fix the problems and challenges I had faced.

Just as I had found it difficult to get work, so too do thousands of other people in similar positions. At the same time people looking for staff face an incredibly complicated and inefficient process to find staff. inploi could be that solution. We were going to change the way the short term, part time and shift work market worked, disintermediating it, democratising it and putting employers and employees in direct contact with each other. The start-up was just starting up. 

We (Matthew de la Hey and Alex Hanson-Smith) are very excited to be introducing our solution to the world. Check in periodically to follow our progress. And we’d be super glad to hear from you, about anything!

Please keep in touch and share your thoughts, impressions, ideas and whatever else you feel like! Use the submissions box, or email us at

About the author: Matt de la Hey is co-founder & CEO of inploi.

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