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Spicing things up with MW Eat - Fine Indian Restaurants & Masala Zone

Spicing things up with MW Eat - Fine Indian Restaurants & Masala Zone inploi Team | 05.09.2017

MW Eat, formerly Masala World, is a company that few know by name, yet they are the group behind some of London’s most popular, prestigious and well-loved Indian restaurants. The company behind fine-dining restaurants Amaya, Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy, and the less formal but more well-known, Masala Zone restaurants, MW Eat understand Indian food like no other, and they share their passion with authenticity and pride.

We caught up with Lorain (Supervisor at Chutney Mary) and Maria (Supervisor at Masala Zone, Soho), to find out more about what it is like to work for MW Eat and how joining the group has shaped their career in ways that they did not expect. “I had no background in hospitality”, Lorain says, “Keeping an open mind, and thinking that later I would move into Marketing and Media, I just took it up. But I came to love it so much I’ve been here for 3 years!”. Likewise, before joining MW Eat, Maria was working as an Interior Designer in Spain. “I decided to move to London,” she explains, “to improve my English, and I fell in love with the restaurant business.”

Both Lorain and Maria have worked their way up through different front of house roles at Chutney Mary and Masala Zone respectively to now take on the position of Supervisor. “My Supervisor role is about ensuring that every customer who comes in is really happy,” Lorain says, talking effusively about her role. “Not just with the food, but that they have a holistic experience. Hospitality all the way I would say!” As one of London’s premium Indian restaurants, the team at Chutney Mary take hospitality seriously, and their staff are trained to a high level to ensure that guests have an enjoyable and memorable meal. Maria concurs, “In London Indian food is very popular, but I like to show them about the culture and what we offer by comparison to other restaurants. To have an experience, not just go for a meal.”

“I am biased towards Chutney Mary”, Lorain says a little coyly. “But Chutney Mary - it’s the ambiance, it’s the bar, it’s the people - everyone does everything they can to make sure that the customer has good experience, and the food is just outstanding. There’s nothing that beats it.” Her passion for Chutney Mary shines through and she loves passing on her knowledge to junior talent within the company. Having previously held the roles of Receptionist and Waitress themselves, no one is better positioned to share their passion and train new staff than Lorain and Maria themselves. “Indian food is very different”, Lorain adds, having lived in India before moving to London. “A lot of the people who work for us are multicultural. So there’s lots to learn. It is a challenge! But you see them experiencing it with the same passion. It’s really nice.”

For Lorain and Maria, their determination, dedication and hard work has been recognised throughout their career at MW Eat. “For me, the first thing I would say is that I was given an opportunity, without any knowledge of hospitality”, Lorain explains. “There was a promise that if you’re good, you will be looked after and you will be moving forward. They try to bring out your talent. To see your skills and apply them, which I think is great.” It’s clear that the team are an integral part of each restaurant’s character, and the managers at MW Eat take time to get to know not just their staff, but also their families.

Lorain recalls her first experience dining at Chutney Mary, where each member of the team were able to bring a member of their family with them: “We all had a table and we had LOADS of food. It was different - it wasn’t just interacting as employees, it was getting to know each other’s families. So then, if you need to take time out of work, people are more understanding - because it’s more like a family.” It’s a unique part of joining MW Eat, who have a genuine passion for giving their team members the best working environment. “You get to meet lots of friends - a lot of people - people who can be life-long friends”. MW Eat is clearly a unique company where each employee counts and is given the opportunity to learn and grow within it. As Lorain says, “Every day is a new day”.

If you're interested in joining the team at MW Eat, visit the company page for Masala Zone here, and Fine Indian Restaurant's company page here, to learn more about the roles they have currently available.