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Revitalising a British classic: The Rising Sun, Twickenham

Revitalising a British classic: The Rising Sun, Twickenham inploi Team | 13.04.2018

Ever travelled to the end of the line on a Westbound District line train? If so, you would have found yourself in the quintessential town of Richmond. Within walking distance of Richmond and Twickenham, The Rising Sun pub boasts a unique setting on leafy corner of Marble Hill Park. “It bridges the gap between central London, and my previous home in sleepy Wiltshire,” says Stephen - the pub’s newly-recruited Assistant Manager, who joined the team just a few weeks before the pub reopened its doors; transformed from an Italian restaurant into a modern gastropub.

“There’s always been a pub on this corner,” Stephen explains. “It was cool to see how everything changes, and how much planning goes in from the business side. The menu’s a classic British gastropub menu alongside woodfired pizzas, as we still have an amazing pizza oven!” The masterminds behind the development are Mosaic Pub and Dining, a group that manages 18 bar/restaurant/pub sites across the UK; each with their own unique feel and menu to match. “We’ve got a great selection of local beers,” Stephen explains, “including some from Twickenham brewery just down the road, as well as the Kew and Wimbledon beers.”

Having gone to university and learned that journalism wasn’t for him, Stephen’s hospitality career kicked off when he was offered a managerial position at his local pub in Devizes. “It great,” Stephen recalls. “It was a proper job, and I realised that I actually enjoyed the industry! As much as it’s got its drawbacks, there are lots of perks to it. I was always liked working on the bar, but moving into a managerial position, I picked up a lot more skills.”

However, a year on, the idea of moving to London stuck and he began to explore other opportunities in hospitality management; subsequently applying to the role of Assistant Manager at The Rising Sun. “I applied thinking, ’It’s along the lines of what I want to do, and it’s a good stepping stone to where I want to be in the future’. I interviewed and got the job the same day.” Wasting no time, he moved down to Twickenham; ready to get stuck-in. “It’s more corporate, without being too corporate,” Stephen explains. “It’s got that same family feel. I’ve met most of the people from Head Office in the three months I’ve been here. It still has procedures and systems, and progression; which is perfect for me as I’m still learning. But I’ve got a lot more freedom and creative input.”

Within striking distance of Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Stephen was quickly thrown in the deep-end as The Rising Sun team welcomed thousands of guests over the weekend of the Rugby Six Nations Finals. “It’s mad,” Stephen says, “with St Paddy’s day as well, we went through a barrel of Guinness in half an hour! We have a big projector screen, so we’re pretty well tooled-up for it and the shift flies by because it’s so busy.” However, as Stephen iterates, it’s the best way to learn; giving him plenty of hands-on experience and an opportunity to meet the locals.

“You get the best of both worlds in a pub, and it’s also the most social job you can have,” Stephen explains. Within a few months, he’s been sent on various training courses, built camaraderie with his colleagues, and seen the rewards of busy weekend service. “We’re not the biggest site, but it’s a good size team as you get to know everyone. We all like a drink - so you always have someone to have a pint with!”

Looking to take your career to the next level? The Rising Sun are currently seeking a friendly, customer-focussed team player who is ready to fulfil their potential as a Floor Supervisor. Interested? Find out more by checking out The Rising Sun company page here.