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London’s best kept Italian secret: Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen

London’s best kept Italian secret: Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen inploi Team | 07.11.2017

Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen is one of Hampstead’s most well-loved and longstanding businesses. Co-owned by husband and wife, Raff and Renata, Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen has been open for 27 years, furnishing the local community with Italy’s finest ingredients and produce. We caught up with Roberto, Manager at Giacobazzi’s, to find out more about what it’s like working for this beautiful family-run deli!

Roberto started working at Giacobazzi’s eight years ago, first employed by Raff and Renata as a Shop Assistant. Initially working part-time, Roberto was able to work at Giacobazzi’s as he completed his university studies and then pursued his own business for a while as a chef running his own modern Italian restaurant popup. However, he found himself constantly being drawn back to Giacobazzi’s, and incredible familiarity and knowledge of the kitchen and customer service teams made him the perfect candidate for the role of Manager.

For some of the staff working at Giacobazzi’s, their knowledge and desire to learn more about Italian food and culture has grown over time, others have applied their inherent passion to their role. For Roberto, it doesn’t matter what people’s aspirations are, so long as he can see that they are eager to learn, and he derives a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing their interest grow. “The atmosphere, the food, that’s what makes them interested in what they’re doing,” he explains, “It evolves from what pays the bill, into enjoying what you’re doing.” What’s more, the diverse ambitions of the team are what make Giacobazzi’s such an interesting and fun place to work. One week the team may be celebrating a birthday, the next they find themselves watching a colleague’s stand up comedy performance. Whatever their aspirations, they are there to support one another. At the moment, the team are particularly looking forward to their January Christmas party. “It always ends up being faded memories, but it’s great”, Roberto jokes.

Giacobazzi’s pride themselves on their local, family feel, recognising how unusual it is now for customers to find a deli with the level of personal customer service that they provide. “It’s the whole experience that you get,” Roberto explains. “When you come in, if you’re regular customers, we know you by name. People are happy to come here and stop by for a few more minute, because that’s what a small shop does. That’s what I enjoy about working here.” Some customers travel across London just to do their weekly food shop at Giacobazzi’s! In a market challenged by online food delivery services, Giacobazzi’s offers something increasingly difficult to find - a human, interpersonal service. “That’s the thing - even with the internet and online shopping, people still like to come here for the experience. That’s what a local shop should do. That’s what makes us human.”

The team at Giacobazzi’s is comprised of people from all over Europe, all sharing their passion for italian food and culture. “At the end of the day we sell authentic Italian food in London,” Roberto says. “When you step in here, regardless of the people serving you, you get an authentic Italian experience, in terms of food, and in terms of knowledge.” In the kitchen, chefs work daily to produce fresh pasta, sauces, pizza and other traditional Italian dishes, and upstairs in the deli, customers can find a huge selection of Italian produce - from meat and cheese through to gelato and other ingredients and condiments. “Customers come for that they can’t get anywhere else.” Roberto says. “That’s what makes Giacobazzi’s different. At that level of quality and level of taste.”

We asked Roberto what makes Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen unique. “It would be easy to say the food. But I would say the people.” He explains, “You have some wonderful people making some wonderful food. The one word I would choose - both for the customers and for us - it’s the experience. I think without the experience, the food wouldn’t be so tasty. And the work would feel a bit harder.”

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