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London’s best Barista and coffee training - Well Grounded

London’s best Barista and coffee training - Well Grounded inploi Team | 26.03.2018

We’re excited to be partnered with Well Grounded! Based in Poplar, East London, Well Grounded is a social enterprise providing speciality coffee and barista training, free to those unemployed and looking for work. Well Grounded is unlocking a new generation of talent for the coffee industry.

So far the team have successfully supported 106 trainees, providing course participants with specialised Barista training (from the Specialty Coffee Association), as well as ongoing assistance working on soft skills, such as self-awareness, teamwork and resilience. They work to transition all trainees into work as Speciality Baristas with their network of over 40 employers. 84% of their Graduates transition straight into work in the industry.  


How does it work?

Well Grounded currently runs three different courses:

Their courses include work placements, trials and interviews with their range of employers. All Graduates access their ongoing professional development programme opening up further free training, events and networking opportunities.

What courses are available?

Speciality Barista Traineeship Summary

  • Foundation Barista Skills Qualification (Speciality Coffee Association)
  • 8 weeks (3 days/week) | 4-week Training & 4-week Work Placement
  • Lunch and travel included
  • Free to those over 18 years old, unemployed (not in training or education) & legally qualified to live and work in the UK
  • £2,000 for employers or those who are already in full time work and education.


Those applying for Well Grounded’s traineeship must have a desire to work in the coffee/cafe industry once they have completed the course.

The course is a combination of Barista, Brewing and Sensory skills, alongside a work placement. Throughout the 8 weeks, each trainee is supported by a personal mentor who offers advice and assistance on CV development, troubleshooting during their work placement, support during their into work transition, and ongoing aftercare. Beyond mentoring their participants, the team at Well Grounded really get to know their trainees; going above and beyond to help them into work. 92% of Graduates transition into work with their placement provider.

After 4 weeks of in-house training, course participants are matched with a London-based employer for a 4-week work placement. This is a chance for trainees to put their knowledge into practice and discover what it’s like working in a busy cafe environment. They are also required to run a pop-up cafe, testing their work-readiness skills and teamwork! Trainees graduate with training and qualifications in coffee and employability, as well as boosted confidence in their skills and knowledge.

Introduction to Coffee Summary 

  • 1 day (10am-4pm)
  • Lunch included
  • Free to those over 18 years old, unemployed (not in training or education), and legally qualified to live and work in the UK
  • £100 + VAT for those in work


This 1-day course is open to anyone who meets Well Grounded’s eligibility criteria and is interested in gaining further knowledge and training in coffee. Participants are given an introduction to espresso and are able to test their skills using different coffee machines. They are also given basic instruction on coffee tasting, learning where different coffee comes from and how this affects its taste. This is the perfect introduction for those curious about the coffee industry or looking to explore a career as a Barista, speaking to industry experts who are able to offer further advice on training and career opportunities!

Speciality Barista Course Summary 

  • Foundation Barista Skills Qualification (Speciality Coffee Association)
  • 6 days (10am-4pm)
  • Lunch and travel included
  • Free to those over 18 years old, unemployed (not in training or education) and legally qualified to live and work in the UK
  • Work placement, trial or interview organised with specialty cafe
  • £600 + VAT for employers or those in work


This course is designed to give participants all the skills they need to become a Speciality Barista. From espresso and milk skills, bean to cup process, and other coffee brewing techniques, this course provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with different coffees and gain hands-on practice. Participants also visit a Coffee Roastery to learn about how coffee is processed. This is the perfect course for those interested in improving their Barista-focussed CV, and getting support into work. Trainees gain access to trials, work experience and interviews directly with employers depending on their individual requirements.

*Get involved

Well Grounded are currently accepting applications for their Speciality Barista Traineeship and Speciality Barista course.

If you’re interested in applying or finding out more, email your name and number to:, or text 07852354302.