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inploi Update: Communications Review

inploi Update: Communications Review inploi Team | 27.09.2016

inploi's Communications Manager, Malan Jacobs offers reflections on communications and social media at inploi.

Closing in on 8 months, 1000 hours of work, and a first visit to London around the corner, it’s a good time for me to reflect on my journey with inploi thus far; and provide an overview of where we are on the Communications side of things.

inploi is currently in its second fundraising round, and I trust this article will be valuable in providing a good overview of where we stand and where we’re heading as our Communications are concerned. It was indeed not all moonlight and roses - as our CEO and co-founder Matt de la Hey has titled his recent news digest: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. However, he ends this off with: Mostly the best – and as far as our Communications are concerned – I can concur.

As inploi’s Communications Manager, I’m managing our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts – as well as assisting with PR and content generation – mostly from Spin Street House coworking space in Cape Town, South Africa. I work closely with our Press Relations & Marketing Manager Victoria Bushnell, who is also in charge of our Instagram account.

From our social media, content generation and PR efforts, our PR efforts have been the most successful. We’ve managed to land contributions in more than 20 publications, which include some of the UK’s foremost press such as The Telegraph, Guardian and Sunday Times – and includes the highly regarded TechCrunch that also drove a substantial amount of traffic to our website. This required a momentous effort from our small team, and I believe we’ll be able to continue this positive trajectory.

On the social media front, we’ve been successful in growing a community of followers, and create awareness about our brand – among potential users and industry influencers alike. Our Facebook page’s engagement levels compare favourably with our competitors. However, going forward, our aim will be to increase engagement levels among new users, separate to our very loyal initial followers.

On Twitter, we’re continually keeping abreast of latest industry events - often participating in a weekly HR chat, posting a #joboftheday on Facebook, engaging with industry news and applying social listening techniques. In order to draw more potential customers on Twitter, we’ll soon be running an initiative focusing on chefs. To consolidate relationships with employers, we’re boosting our job of the days through Facebook advertising. Victoria has managed to grow our Instagram community very swiftly, and we’ll be investigating advertising options in the forthcoming months.

With regards to content, we’re pushing out regular content related to inploi, lessons we’re learning along the way and useful content for our users. We have also created what is called in the content industry as a ‘content anchor’ titled The Ultimate Career Guide for Hospitality Students in the UK. Our CPO Alex-Hanson Smith, is a brilliant graphic designer and has consistently supplied me with well-designed assets; giving inploi a consistent brand tone and presence. On the content side, our goal will be to create more anchors, and create more content for existing users of our iOS app.

We’re also reviewing our Communications Plan, which will look at the lessons learned, and provide us with direction for the way forward. At inploi, we believe a culture of continuous learning and sharing ideas are critical. This makes us able to adapt to a fast-changing communications landscape, and build our skills internally.

Working for inploi has been an incredible journey thus far. inploi’s extremely committed leadership team, have the ability to instil trust and keep open communications lines with its employees, despite the challenges often faced by startups and the added difficulty of working with remote team members such as myself. It’s been a joy to watch and be a part of. I believe the inploi team have what it takes. Join us.

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About the author: Malan Jacobs is Communications Manager at inploi.

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