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In conversation with The Hurlingham Club

In conversation with The Hurlingham Club inploi Team | 16.03.2018

The Hurlingham Club is one of London’s most prestigious private members’ clubs. Established in 1869, the Club was once historically renowned for its long-term association with the game of polo, but is now most well-known for its stunning setting by the River Thames, 42 acres of private manicured grounds, and five-star service. The Club offers a range of sporting facilities and an extensive food and beverage offering, including restaurants, bars and a large events department that can cater for up to 800 guests for a sit down dinner. We met Food & Beverage Supervisors, Aron and Nora, to discuss what makes working at The Hurlingham Club so unique.

For those interested in working in a private members’ club, The Hurlingham Club offers an opportunity that is one of a kind. Family-centric and beautifully maintained, it’s the perfect environment for anyone who loves greenery and interacting with people of all ages. “I’m working with lots of families, because people come in with their kids,” Nora says, “I love it. They know my name and you can watch them grow up."

“When I came here for the interview, it was spring,” Aron says, “And when I looked around, the sun was shining. And you see the fountains, and the trees were all green - who wouldn’t want to work in that environment?”

Aron’s role is predominately focussed with the Club’s Events Operations team, working to maintain a rigorous and exciting annual events calendar. Throughout the year, the Club hosts events for up to 5,000 guests - including the prestigious ‘Tennis Classic’, where the world’s best players (including the likes of Rafael Nadal) play at the Club. “The tennis is definitely a favourite for me,” explains Nora, “I’m really looking forward to this year as last year was my first and it was amazing, with all of the departments working together."

In recent years the Club’s Management have been building upon this, working towards ‘One Hurlingham’, a Club-wide initiative. It focusses on bringing inter-departmental teams closer together. “The idea is that we can all be more flexible in our roles”, explains Human Resources Administrator, Jessie Cox. This way, staff who have previously solely focussed on their role in the Club’s Polo Bar, Dining Room or Harness Room, are able to experience the daily tasks undertaken by those in the Events Operations team, and vice versa. With F&B staff accounting for 50% of the Club’s total workforce, it’s important that everyone understands each other’s roles and are able to help out when it’s peak season.

From junior staff members to departmental managers, everyone mucks in. “When there’s a big event, we all work together,” Jamie Wilson, The Hurlingham Club’s Food & Beverage Manager says. “It's part of the fun of working here”. For Aron, the versatility of his role is all part of the challenge that makes his role so interesting day-to-day. “I don’t want to know what I’m doing tomorrow. I want to be surprised and challenged. The events are so big and there are different sections that you are able to work in. Last year, at Fête Champêtre, I was trained to introduce Sipsmith to 4,000 guests. That was exciting for me. I got to build up my knowledge of Sipsmith and train with them. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t enjoy it! You’re always challenged."

Providing the Club’s discerning members with top-class service provides both its challenges and opportunities. For the staff who work at The Hurlingham Club, it’s a chance to learn with the best, elevating their career within the hospitality industry. The team strive for the best at all times, but are accommodating of staff needs - providing flexible hours for those studying full-time, and support for staff with a desire to improve their knowledge in particular areas. As an Investor in People, the Club is a big believer in learning and development initiatives, and provides a wide variety of training across the year; such as offering funding for WSET wine training qualifications for the Club’s F&B team. “I like it because sometimes the setup is challenging, sometimes the service is,” Nora explains, “And I get to train my staff as well. This is my life – I’ve done it for ten years – I love it. This is what I want to do”.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the team at The Hurlingham Club? Find out more about their latest job opportunities and how to apply on their company page here: The Hurlingham Club Company Page.