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How to raise £100,000 (and we’re not talking about startup fundraising)

How to raise £100,000 (and we’re not talking about startup fundraising) inploi Team | 05.05.2017

inploi would like to congratulate Springboard, and all those who were involved with their Nepal trek undertaken in March this year. Together, the team managed to fundraise over £100,000 for the UK hospitality industry! 30 trekkers all came together from different areas of hospitality, and enrolled to raise money for Springboard, UK’s top hospitality charity - helping 70 young, disadvantaged people to secure sustainable work in hospitality.

Springboard Nepal Trek 2017

The participants trekked for 5 days in the Annapurna mountains, followed by 3 days in Lura Village, helping the locals to rebuild the Manju Shree Primary School, that was damaged by the 2015 earthquake. This was an extremely significant project as the student body is constituted of children in Manju Shree and its three neighbouring villages. The Springboard group also got involved with other community work, such as preparing a feast for the village, and organizing a sports day for the local community. For the participants, the trek was a life-changing challenge, but their work carries a greater legacy, both back in Nepal and here in the UK.

Springboard Nepal Trek

Treks are not the only fundraising events that Springboard organises. Last year, the inploi team had the pleasure of attending Springboard’s National Waiters' Day 2016, hosted in October in Hyde Park. A range of activities were organised for students visiting Hyde Park, showcasing hospitality employers and providing insight into what skills people need to pursue a successful front of house career. Waiters raced competitively through Hyde Park, with the fastest waiter, waitress and best-dressed team being awarded prizes. National Waiters' Day was also celebrated further afield across the UK, with events held in Colchester, Manchester, and Eastbourne; including expert-led career talks, taster days and a nationwide social media campaign

Springboard’s National Waiters' Day 2016

National Waiters’ Day 2016 was a great success - raising awareness of the front of house profession and teaching young people how they can get involved with this thriving industry. Are you passionate about hospitality and interested in getting involved with Springboard’s events? Their next charity event will be National Waiters’ Day 2017 on 16th May, hosted as part of their Front of House Festival. The inploi team will be getting involved in the London’s celebrations once again this year, so why not come along and say hello?

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for something adventurous to do for charity this year and are looking for inspiration, Springboard will be running a host of other ‘challenges’ over the forthcoming months including: Scottish Golf Day (12th May 2017), Hospitality Sailing Regatta (12th - 13th June 2017) and Team Velo Challenge (21st - 23rd September 2017). Don’t hesitate to get stuck in and support this fantastic charity. You can find out more about how to get involved by visiting the Springboard Events page.

Photos courtesy of: MyDonate, @Springboard_UK, Springboard UK

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