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How to get a job working at London’s top events with Splendid

How to get a job working at London’s top events with Splendid inploi Team | 18.06.2018

“I told Darren, I’m not playing a numbers game – he completely agreed!” Meeting at their Head Office in Vauxhall, we caught up with the team at Splendid, one of London’s leading Event Staffing companies. Jo, Splendid’s Development and Staff Cultural Manager, is one of the latest to join the team. Working closely alongside Anu, the company’s Recruitment Assistant, it is her responsibility to hire new talent and help Splendid’s newest members in their first couple of months.

The team at Splendid pride themselves on not playing the numbers game, unlike many other Event Staffing companies in London. Jo and Anu take the time to meet and interview each candidate pre-hire and go the extra mile to get to know them once they’re part of Splendid’s team. We’re also joined by one of Splendid’s founding Directors, Darren, who has been with Splendid since 1997.

For candidates with no previous experience, Splendid embraces the opportunity to help people learn and grow, and the company maintains a strong culture of internal training and recruitment; with staff appraised for promotion every 3 months. “It’s about customer engagement and their ability to interact with people,” Darren says, “we want people who are very hardworking and down-to-earth and see this as a necessary step in their career.” Everyone around the table agrees that, even if they once stepped into Waiting or Bartending positions with the sole objective of earning some extra cash, they quickly came to realise the value these roles played in teaching them skills and qualities for life.

 Splendid offer their staff more than just the opportunity to be an Events Team Member. The strength of internal culture and support sets Splendid apart. “As someone who started here with no experience, I was really surprised how much the office actually knows about all of the staff.” Anu explains, “I wasn’t a senior, I hadn’t worked in the office – I’d been here once for my interview, but once I’d started working with the Managers they knew exactly who I was – and it was so welcoming. They know you personally.” After shifts or training, it’s not uncommon for the team to go for a drink. Darren comments, “That’s the social thing – you turn up to a job and you know a third of the people there. And after you grab a pint with them. That means that the community is there – you have a group of people who care about you.”

Furthermore, this firsthand knowledge enables Jo and Anu to really match staff (their interests, as well as working hours) to their clients’ requests. “A lot of our clients will know our individual staff, or a team by name,” Darren continues, “we search for clients who care about staff welfare and looking after them”. It’s this mutual relationship and detail that helps to create lasting relationships between Splendid’s team and their life-long clients.

 If a client likes a particular team they can request them time and time again, giving Splendid staff priority opportunities for shifts, (equally if an Event Team Member dislikes a working relationship they can ban them from their shift calendar!). Ultimately no staff member is forced to sign up to a certain number of shifts, or work at particular Events. Splendid relies on its Team Members being organised and having a selfless outlook. As Jo explains, “The idea is that it’s not cancelling a shift so it’s convenient for you. It’s cancelling a shift so that other people can make that shift. You all want free time, and to earn as much as possible to cover your rent, and you want to make it as easy as possible for the team to do that.”

“We do everything - sports Events, weddings, corporate events at museums and art galleries, Events at the Royal Palaces, fashion Events, product launches, cocktail parties, private parties, theatre Events - every category of Events you can think of, we work!” From locally-based Events in London, to multi-million-pound weddings in Dubai, Splendid offers a variety of opportunities to staff that is difficult to rival. Every Event is different, and if opportunities are offered overseas, staff can travel with all their expenses paid. So, whether you’re looking for 4 hours of work per week, or 40+ hours, Jo and Anu would love to hear from you. Join their team, and find your place working in the Events capital of the world today!

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