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Hospitality HR Spotlight: Meet the team from Mosaic Pub & Dining

Hospitality HR Spotlight: Meet the team from Mosaic Pub & Dining inploi Team | 27.03.2018

You may not be familiar with the name Mosaic Pub and Dining, but just three years young this company is one of the UK’s fastest growing hospitality companies. With 18 pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK, including sites in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Warwick, Kent and London, Mosaic is ambitious, continuously expanding and on the lookout for bright, forward-thinking people to join their team. We caught up with Becky, the group’s Sales and Marketing Manager to learn more about her hospitality career and the ethos behind this popular company.

A strong advocate for the industry, Becky has gained over 10 years of experience in the sector, working across tearooms, bars and restaurants. Beginning her career at fifteen, she took time out to travel, and explore her passion for design and editing. “When I came back, I re-evaluated everything and really found that hospitality and me very much go hand in hand.” She subsequently set out to find a role that combined her love for working with people, and design work. Mosaic gave her the opportunity to shape her career, moving over the course of a year from an Operational Support role to the position of Sales and Marketing Manager. Becky explains, “I really wanted to get to it, but working with everyone on the Operations team they were really encouraging - giving me the training and the opportunities to have more design input, and more of a voice.”

An integral part of Mosaic’s company ethos, staff are highly encouraged to explore their passions and interests, to share their ideas and help to shape the business as it grows from strength to strength. As Becky says, “When it comes to growing within the business, we’re very arms-open. Whatever it is in the hospitality industry - if you love it, and you’re passionate about it, Mosaic Pub and Dining will encourage and reward it. I think that’s how Mosaic sets itself apart from the rest. No matter what you want to do in the industry, we want to hear from you. Your opinion and thoughts matter. They might change the business, and we encourage that.”

With just 280 employees, the team at Mosaic is still small enough for all the staff to know one another and employees are frequently given the opportunity to get together at regional training meetings and annual parties. Becky’s role in particular enables her to visit Mosaic’s pub and restaurant sites across the UK, giving her an amazing knowledge of the Mosaic brand and the people who have made the company what it is today: “You feel a part of it. That’s why I love the company. Everyone has the same teamwork and passion behind it. That’s all you really need when you work with people.”

Want to join the Mosaic Pub and Dining team? Find your perfect job by visiting their company page here: Mosaic Pub and Dining’s company page.