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GODO: Insights into London's hottest food delivery service

GODO: Insights into London's hottest food delivery service inploi Team | 28.09.2017

In fast-paced London, meals are often rushed. Lunches are squeezed into 15 minute slots with workers grabbing something from the nearest sandwich chain, or eating a packed lunch sitting at their desk. GODO’s founders, Amin and Simone were all too familiar with this story. In search for premium quality, affordable and hassle-free food, the pair came up with a modern solution: freshly-prepared Italian comfort food made using the finest ingredients, delivered to you at the perfect temperature in crafted glass jars. And thus, GODO was born. 

First to join their kitchen development team was Michelin-starred chef, Tommaso Arrigoni, Head Chef at Innocenti Evasioni in Milan; whose journey in search of taste and high quality continues to this day. Tommaso was swiftly joined by Chef Michele Carretta, whose experience bridges Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan and London. Together these two chefs were at the helm when GODO was getting its feet off the ground. Since then the company has grown rapidly, with 10 dedicated chefs now running GODO’s London kitchens.

We caught up with experienced Brand Ambassador, Fabrizio Galleri, to find out more the company’s innovative delivery service. “When we started it was far different from now,” Fabrizio says. “In just two years, we have more than twenty Brand Ambassadors, the sales team, the marketing team, the operation team. The aim is to keep growing, to keep opening hubs in the city to serve new areas. It’s very exciting.”

As Brand Ambassador, Fabrizio is responsible for delivering food to GODO’s customers across London, not just as a driver but as an integral part of the company’s customer service team. “Given the service they want to deliver, they wanted us to cherish the client and to ask questions, and answer questions about the food,” Fabrizio explains. Like a restaurant, the menu GODO offers changes throughout the year, depending on seasonal produce and client requests. “We follow our traditional recipes, but we call every new client and ask for feedback.” Regular tastings are held in the GODO offices to keep the team abreast of new recipes, ingredients and company updates.

There’s certainly more to being a Brand Ambassador than meets the eye. Over time Fabrizio’s knowledge of hospitality and sales operations has grown significantly. “We are incentivised to be sales-minded,” Fabrizio says. “I started as a Brand Ambassador and then I started calling clients and asking for feedback and organise tastings. I was trained to do it. I have also been a Hub Manager - taking care of the service and operations. Everything I know about hospitality, I have learnt at GODO.”

New Brand Ambassadors joining GODO are now given a supportive training programme, which includes learning about the risks of riding a scooter in London, how to use the GODO delivery app, what to say to clients, the story behind the company and of course the food they offer. “The main thing is that we don’t want them to forget that they are Brand Ambassadors - not just to deliver the food, but to put some passion into it.” Fabrizio says, “When they finish the training, they are ready to run!”.

Passion for Italian cuisine is therefore essential for those looking to join the GODO team, as well as the ability to converse with clients and pass on their passion. All new recruits are well looked after and supported by those around them. The company holds frequent aperitivo, team dinners and nights out across their hubs, often including the company founders. This really helps to build interpersonal relationships in such a fast-growing team. “We do as much team-building as we can,” Fabrizio explains, “because being a startup you need people to collaborate. That’s how you build your career - to get the best from different teams, to ask questions and learn from them.”

If you’re interested in starting your career with GODO, apply now by visiting the GODO company page.