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Gaucho: Insights into London's finest Argentinian restaurant

Gaucho: Insights into London's finest Argentinian restaurant inploi Team | 12.09.2017

Gaucho is an Argentinian steakhouse, serving the world’s finest grass-fed beef and a range of other Argentinian specialties. With restaurants across the UK, and a few abroad, we thought it high time that inploi caught up with them to see what is under the hood of this highly regarded restaurant. Catching up with Gaucho’s Rachel and Erica, we heard a little more about their thoughts on the hospitality industry, and got a sense of why Gaucho is such a fantastic place to work.

A number of things stood out immediately about Gaucho. The beautiful surroundings of the restaurant aside, it was clear that the Gaucho team are a close knit unit. Some people have been there close to two decades and the sense of community that comes from that level of continuity is evident: a family ethos runs through it, and there is a lot of heart in the place.

It is also clear that the pursuit of quality, in everything they do, is paramount at Gaucho – quality of food, quality of locations, and quality of customer experience. Rachel explained, “A great product, beautiful restaurants, and everything we do service wise is driven  by the belief that we’re trying to create something amazing for people. That’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. We strive all the time to be better, to be unique.” It is easy to see why that is enticing as a work environment.

Another aspect which is worth reporting is the extraordinary training that Gaucho offers, and the clear pathways that are available for career progression. Gaucho provides all of its employees with extensive in-house training and will also fund external, industry recognised qualifications. Offering opportunities for personal and career growth is core to Gaucho’s culture and they are not shy of putting time and investment into their people.

It is fair to say then that however long people spend with Gaucho, they will walk away having learnt a huge amount and that their value in the jobs market will be significantly increased. The Gaucho name is highly regarded, and working here you will acquire a huge number of new skills, relevant to all aspects of work and life. Despite this increased marketability, some members of the team have been with Gaucho for 18 years, which is a glowing testament to what it is like to work there.

So what do Gaucho look for in their team members? “We look for people who are warm and friendly – you’ve got to be someone that other people want to be around and who others want to work with – be warm, be welcoming, be kind. You should also be someone who wants to develop yourself – someone who wants to grow and to learn. You’ll be given extraordinary opportunities at Gaucho and you’ll get the most from being here if you are driven to take advantage of these. And teamwork is really important! We all have a common goal, and we’re working together to achieve it, across the business.”

And whilst the jobs are demanding and you’ve got to be on your toes, it’s not all work and no play. When asked why she enjoyed the sector, Rachel said “Hospitality is incredibly fun! It’s so diverse, you’re acquiring so many cross-transferrable skills. You’re learning about food, service, and wine at the highest level. And the people that you work with are so fascinating - you will make amazing friends!”

Gaucho are hiring for various locations across London. Check out the Gaucho company page here for more information. If you think that this sort of environment would suit you, apply today with your inploi profile to join this fantastic team!

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