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Focussing on the finer things in life with Boisdale, Canary Wharf

Focussing on the finer things in life with Boisdale, Canary Wharf inploi Team | 25.09.2017

This week we caught up with Jenny, General Manager at Boisdale Canary Wharf, to gain insight into one of London’s most well-respected traditional British restaurants. Focussing on the finer things in life: great food, fine wine, whisky, cigars and jazz music, Boisdale is an eclectic mix of luxurious pleasures. With four sites across London (Canary Wharf, Belgravia, Bishopsgate and Mayfair), this group is continually growing, providing Londoners with top-class service and memorable customer experiences. Jenny has developed her career in hospitality, working in Scotland and Dubai with international groups including Caprice Holdings and Jumeirah, before finally being drawn back to London by Boisdale. Jenny comments: “I got offered this opportunity that I couldn’t say no to. I decided to come back and when they mentioned it was the Canary Wharf site, I was really excited! I knew it would be the right choice to come back.”

Boisdale’s Canary Wharf site dwarfs its sister restaurants. Set over two floors, the venue includes a Cigar Humidor, terrace, restaurant and four private dining spaces - certainly keeping the team on their toes. Jenny describes the restaurant as the “jewel in the crown”, the flagship restaurant, (although the intimacy of the Bishopsgate and Mayfair sites have their own charms). “It’s a melting pot of different pleasures”, she explains. Scottish-inspired furnishings are offset by the spirit of 1950s jazz bars, one of London’s largest whisky collections and premium produce sourced from across the UK. The eccentricity of the venue space is heavily influenced by the company’s founder, Ranald MacDonald, who loves combining his passions and is “constantly trying to evolve the business, filled with lots of exciting ideas”. From breakfast meetings through to standing drinks receptions, Cigar Smoker of the Year Awards, high-profile jazz evenings (with guests including the likes of Jools Holland), cigar and whisky pairing events and plenty more, the venue spaces are consistently in use so “no two days are the same”. Working at Boisdale is anything but monotonous!

“There’s nothing more rewarding than having a really challenging service and then being able to look around at the end of the evening and think, ‘What a team’,” says Jenny. For her, working in hospitality is all about the people - from the customers she meets, to the team she gets to work with so closely every day: “I love working with people. It can be quite stressful at times, so really having that team ethos - it’s something that’s amazing.” At Boisdale, the senior staff work hard to make sure everyone is equipped for their role, and able to explore their talents and interests. Whether it’s practicing mixology with unusual whisky brands, cooking extraordinary British produce sourced from the tip of Scotland to the southern coast, or learning how to supervise and manage the floor, everyone is given the opportunity to grow with the company. “It’s important to respect what people are here for and to utilise their strengths”, Jenny says. “We’re a really good team - everyone is very driven and inspired by what they do. It can be quite a transient industry, whereas here we have a really strong core team who’ve been with us for a long time. I think it’s really important to keep people motivated by recognising dedication and ability.”

The team at Boisdale truly understand excellent customer service and always “focus on exceeding expectations”. Therefore for Jenny and the senior team at Boisdale, finding staff that have that same level of dedication and passion for hospitality is essential. “The team element of the role is so so important,” Jenny explains, “Everyone counts, so it’s important we hire like-minded people who want to succeed and who want to do well.” No matter which role you apply for, Boisdale offers an exciting, rewarding and ever-changing environment, working at the epicentre of London’s hospitality industry.

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