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Employer Feature - The Pearson Room

Employer Feature - The Pearson Room inploi Team | 15.08.2017

This week we met with Merissa, Host & Senior Event Receptionist at The Pearson Room, to discuss what it’s like working in one of Canary Wharf’s most popular restaurants. Having previously worked in Nottingham, Merissa joined the Reception team at The Pearson Room a year ago and seems perfectly comfortable in her work surroundings.

“I’m really bubbly and I love talking to people and interacting with people, and just making their day. It makes me happy to make other people happy. It’s a completely different atmosphere to any other restaurant.”

The Pearson Room sits two floors up, with large glass panels providing customers and employees a bird's-eye view over Canada Square, offering a homely getaway from the work demands of the city below. The atmosphere is laid back - there is something indescribably cool about it. What you notice more than anything is the calm that pervades the venue, as a mixture of business meetings and intimate family celebrations take place from table to table. As Merissa explains, the place has a great ‘vibe’.

“In the evening it’s just really chilled out and relaxed. It’s like a little home where people come and some people stay here for more than 3 hours, just having back-to-back business meetings. People can come here and relax.”

It’s apparent from the enthusiasm of the business woman who directed us to the restaurant (being on the second floor, it has a rather secretive entrance), that The Pearson Room is a local favourite - a hideaway for those in the know. And from speaking to Merissa, it is easy to tell that the staff at The Pearson Room equally enjoy getting to know their customers. 

“I love meeting people. Especially new people who turn out to be regulars after a while. A lot of the people here are regulars so you get to know them.”

Looking around, it’s not hard to see that somehow, despite having some of London’s biggest businesses for neighbours, The Pearson Room feels different, even cosy. There’s evidently hard work taking place to maintain this quiet efficiency, yet the team approach their work with an easy manner. 

“We all work as a team really well. We have the bar, reception and the floor, but we all work as a team and come together, especially on the busiest days. That’s what I really appreciate and find really unique as well - just how cool and collected we all are.”

So what’s the secret? For a start, the team only work Monday-Friday (except for the occasional event hosted over the weekend). Secondly, all The Pearson Room staff have access to the Third Space - an almighty gym complex that sits just behind the restaurant space, providing personal training sessions, yoga classes, swimming pool and spa facilities. (They also partner with them for their annual Christmas party - getting to meet a host of Third Space employees from across London). Merissa takes it all in her stride as she provides a quick tour of the space. 

In addition, staff across the restaurant undertake regular cocktail and food training sessions with senior mentors. This a great way for junior staff members to learn from more experienced staff, as well as expanding their knowledge within the food and beverage industry.

“Throughout this whole year I’ve learnt so much. It’s really interesting because they make it really fun. I’ve learned a lot about myself in a short space of time, and they push you to progress if you speak out. If someone wants to grow in a company they should definitely apply here, because we have a lot of staff to support us. I think it’s a big thing, when you get support from staff that are higher than you, and we can go speak to management openly.”

In just a year Merissa has progressed from Host through to the role of Senior Event Receptionist, and is probably the only person we’ve met who described working in London as ‘more chilled’ than working in Nottingham! It’s certainly a testament to the work environment that the team have created at The Pearson Room. Finally, we asked Merissa what her advice would be to someone looking to apply to The Pearson Room. Her response was a resounding, “Go for it. Just go for it.”

Interested in working at The Pearson Room? Visit The Pearson Room company page here to find out more about the company, and how to apply.