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Employer Feature - The Distillery

Employer Feature - The Distillery inploi Team | 06.07.2017

Founded in December 2016, The Distillery was co-created by four ex-bartenders, who shared a passion for London’s hospitality industry and its local history of gin-making and craftsmanship! Their passion has led to the creation of one of London’s most exciting hospitality establishments, nestled in the heart of Notting Hill.

Since its opening, The Distillery has thrived, and to match this, their team has grown across the venue space. Spread over four storeys, The Distillery is a hospitality venue unto itself, bragging a variety of spaces including, ‘The Resting Room’ - an ode London’s classic gin bar and restaurant culture, ‘GinTonica’ - a Basque-inspired bar and dining space, upmarket lodgings and their very own gin distillery. Despite being spaced across four floors, the team work closely together, giving The Distillery’s work environment a unique family feel.

“You know everyone in the building - it’s a big family all helping each other out, and it’s such a happy place to work. What I like here is that even the bar team works together with the floor team, and the people from the distillery downstairs come up in the morning to drink their coffee. Even if it’s different compartments, it feels like one.”

From Front of House (floor and bar staff) through to chefs, and the gin masters “who work their magic” in the basement of the venue, The Distillery team are diversely-talented and bring their special knowledge to the floor. Not only does this make The Distillery an exciting place to work, but it also provides top training opportunities to those looking to expand their skill set across the industry. Whether staff are looking to start out their hospitality career, transfer into a different section, or progress further up the career ladder, The Distillery provides in-house training to all their staff.

We spoke to Emily, The Distillery’s Front of House Supervisor for The Resting Room and GinTonica, who commented, 

“If you want to try out hospitality, the training is really good. If you are in a position where you want to develop in the hospitality world take the next step and learn something new, it’s definitely a good place to do that. I do believe they offer something really good, and it’s only going to get better.”

It’s early days yet for The Distillery and they’re looking to expand their team! So if you’re passionate about gin, or eager to try out working in hospitality, The Distillery could be the perfect place for you.

You can check out their latest opportunities by visiting The Distillery company page here.

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