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Employer Feature - Just Hospitality

Employer Feature - Just Hospitality inploi Team | 25.08.2017

Working with clients including Yahoo, Twitter and other world-leading firms and brands, Just Hospitality (fondly known as JH to its employees) is one of London’s top catering companies. Sticking to their kitchen principles, the company aims to give its clients the best food in the business - serving up healthy, locally-produced and ethically-sourced food, freshly prepared daily by their kitchen teams in Angel and South Bermondsey.

We met up with Lloyd, who has worked with Just Hospitality for three years and has progressed within the company over his time there. Initially employed as a delivery driver, Lloyd took the time to interact with the clients at each site. His excellent customer service skills and friendly demeanour did not go unnoticed and the Head Chef and Operations Manager at Just Hospitality suggested that he moved to work at their Yahoo site, first as a chef, before taking on the role of Food Operator. His role is client-facing, being the face of Just Hospitality during food service, on hand to help their clients with anything they need.

“When I started I had no clue, and the people I was working with really helped me and guided me through my journey. I’ve really enjoyed what I’m doing from day one. I’ve been able to go up a level each time. If you show interest and you’re keen, they will push you and support you and guide you. There’s no limit to what you can learn. If you keep your mind open, there is so much you can learn.”

It was Lloyd’s passion for food that first attracted him to working for Just Hospitality, a love that stems from his childhood cooking Caribbean food at home with his family, and one that stays with him still. The company has a diverse workforce, spread across their kitchens and on-site canteens across London, providing their staff with plenty of scope to move around and explore which area of the company that suits them best.

“This job that I do for JH, it allows me not just to work but to learn - to take on board things in my personal life - that’s what makes it unique for me.”

The team at Just Hospitality work hard to create an environment where their staff can thrive, learn and grow. In addition to full training, staff are entitled to receive a range of perks including, free lunch every day, the day off on their birthday, the ability to take the day off for their child’s first day at school, and monthly employee awards. Following a busy lunch shift, some of the team are clocking off, saying a quick goodbye before they head away, while others are getting ready for an event happening later in the afternoon. It seems there’s always something new going on that keeps everyone on their toes.

“You know some people have those thoughts when they go to work, like “I don’t want to go to work today”, I never have that here. You never know what’s going to crop up. There’s always something to look forward to. I like a challenge, you know.”

Sitting in the canteen with Lloyd and the team, it’s easy to see how relaxed everyone is working together. There’s a great sense of camaraderie as different people come over for a quick conversation as they go about their day. Lloyd works in a team of six in Food Services at the Yahoo canteen, who keep a close bond. In addition to regular staff socials, every month or so they head out for drinks or a night out, just so everyone can wind down and enjoy each other’s company. Beyond his team, Lloyd maintains a connection with all the teams he’s worked with over his time at Just Hospitality, as well as the clients they meet every day.

“I feel like a family member, in a sense. You feel that you’re not just here to do a job, that you’re actually wanted. This is what I like about Just Hospitality. Everybody is amazing and supportive. For me it’s invaluable what I learn, you know, so yes, definitely would recommend to anyone out there.”

If you’re interested in joining the team at Just Hospitality, you can find out more about their jobs by visiting the Just Hospitality company page here.