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Employer Feature - Human One

Employer Feature - Human One inploi Team | 11.07.2017

This week, we met with the team at Human One, to find out what makes Human One a great company to work for. Serving London’s top four and five-star venues for the last 30 years, Human One is the hospitality industry’s most well-known temporary recruiter, providing venues across the city with hospitality staff in a variety of roles - from cleaning staff, through to front of house, back of house, security and food & beverage staff. 

Human One ensures all its temporary staff have access to all the same benefits as permanent staff - including staff parties, rate of pay, benefits and access to hotel facilities. Ultimately, it’s vital to the team at Human One that all their staff feel that they are a part of both the team at Human One, and are treated as equals at their place of work. 

“Our motto has always been that the candidate is the priority. It’s important for us that the clients we work with are going to look after our staff. We vet our clients very carefully to make sure our candidates are going to be happy there.”

Human One’s expert team of recruitment consultants are on call for their candidate pool. Having worked in the hospitality industry themselves, they are well versed in matching client and candidate needs. 

“We develop a relationship from the moment our candidates start with us. Our consultants know the industry having worked there themselves, and they know the clients so they can recommend based on experience. They can tell - whether it’s a trendy hotel, or a larger corporate hotel, what will be the best fit for them.”

Candidates are supported throughout the recruitment process. From the moment they walk in the door, they are made to feel welcome by the Human One team. From the get go, their recruitment consultants work closely with candidates to find out more about their work preferences. Whether candidates require flexible hours for child care, study or other purposes, Human One do their utmost to find work that suits their employees’ needs.

Human One helps its staff throughout the whole process, from refining and tailoring your CV through to interview tips as well as comprehensive training.

Training in basic COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), health and safety, and security practices is provided in-house, and all external employers provide candidates with two days of supervised training on their arrival - to ensure that they are welcome and confident in their new role.

Human One takes great pride in their team, both those working at their head office and their ‘brand ambassadors’ temping in venues across London. Candidates’ are acknowledged for their work through their Temp of the Month award scheme, whereby candidates can be put forward for consideration by their recruitment consultants, or supervisors at their place of work. Furthermore, candidates are frequently promoted for their hard work, either to permanent roles in venues across the city, or internally at Human One HQ.

 “It’s amazing for us to see them progress. We have some candidates who were room attendants and now they’re a front of house manager. It takes time, but it’s amazing to see. I think the most important thing is that most of us are an example. We started out where they are, and it’s good proof to show them that if they start somewhere, there is a chance to progress.” 

Finally, we asked the team what advice they would give to prospective candidates looking to apply to Human One:

“I would say that if they are hard workers, love to work in the ever-changing and exciting fast paced hospitality industry, then come to Human One. We have the best candidates in London. They’re fantastic - they go above and beyond. We get great feedback from our clients which is testament to our incredible team both in house and working across London's top venues .”

If you are interested in working with Human One, you can apply via inploi today! Check out their latest employment opportunities on the Human One company page here.

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