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Employer Feature - Bone Daddies

Employer Feature - Bone Daddies inploi Team | 17.01.2017

This week, we paid the team at Bone Daddies a visit, and boy were we impressed! 

Pulling up a stall at their Peter Street ramen bar, we can see why this chain has gained wide acclaim across the city. The group is growing fast, with two new restaurants opening in 2017!

As they continue to expand, they need a team of hands-on front of house and kitchen staff to grow with them. Great customer service is their passion, and the Bone Daddies team work closely to make sure that their customer experiences are memorable.

Bone Daddies

Founded by an Aussie chef, looking to start a contemporary Japanese restaurant with plenty of soul and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, Bone Daddies launched - serving up steaming bowls of ramen with a contemporary twist.

The food is nothing short of awesome, ranging from crispy chasu pork & corn croquettes to rich and spicy miso ramen. The portions are generous and the staff at Bone Daddies work to the fast-paced rhythm of the rock ‘n’ roll tunes blaring in the background. Their staff get 50% discounts on food and drink, as well as other great incentives - in short, rewarding great work is part of their ethos. 

Bone Daddies food

The cocktail menu changes frequently, with mixers made of exotic flavours such as yuzu shu and oolong syrup, and some of the best Japanese spirits. Team briefings are frequent, giving employees the chance to try new dishes and drinks from the menu - so they’re fully clued-up on any items that may throw new customers off!

Bone Daddies drinks

Despite being tucked away in the back streets of Soho, the place is packed but orchestrated with a efficiency, as tables fill and empty around us in an almost continuous cycle. It might be busy, but the Bone Daddies group always find time throughout the year for team activities - it’s a great way to get to know the Bone Daddies family, and meet new people.

But Bone Daddies is not just about ramen, the group also has two other concept restaurants to try. Shackfuyu - serving a selection of sushi and their famous kinako french toast, (served with bright green matcha tea soft-serve ice cream!), and Flesh & Buns - where you can feast on ox cheek steamed buns, or try their killer Sunday brunch menu. After a long shift, it’s not uncommon for staff to sit back and relax with an ice-cold Japanese beer!

Bone Daddies team

Conclusion? We want work here! The staff are super-friendly and we were sold from first sight of the mouth-watering-inducing menu - the Bone Daddies experience certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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Interested in working at Bone Daddies? Here's a recap:

View all Bone Daddies positions


  • Staff party
  • Up to 50% staff discounts
  • Bonus + Health cover for Senior Management
  • Money towards travel for Junior Management
  • Tasty Staff Food and a cold Japanese beer after work!
  • Team activities throughout the year


  • Sake & cocktail training
  • Food training sessions (in-house)
  • Level 2 & 3 Food and Hygiene Course
  • Fire marshal training

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