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Demystifying jargon used in the hospitality industry

Demystifying jargon used in the hospitality industry inploi Team | 29.07.2016

As members of the inploi team, we believe it’s important to know as much as possible about the hospitality industry and the roles we help to fill. Over the course of the next six months, each of us are therefore going to work a shift through the inploi app.

We will each create a profile and apply for a QuickShift role. There are so many wonderful opportunities on the platform and we are looking forward to getting a chance to pursue one of them through the platform we’ve built ourselves.

While discussing this imminent project, Thomas, our very own Head of Business Development, thought it would be useful to go through a few ‘terms of the trade’ – the wicked and wonderful phrases and words that are used in the sector – so that we can all put our best feet forward when we go to work in it!

He was surprised to learn that when he threw a few of these terms (regularly used in the trade) out in the office the other day he was met with blank looks, so took it upon himself to write a primer for the uninitiated!

When he shouted, “HACCP” at us, we thought that he had hiccups.

As he proclaimed “COSHH” we said, “What do you mean Gosh? What’s wrong?”.

“RIDDOR?”, he asked, “What riddle are you referring to?”, asked James, our summer intern.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Thomas made it his mission to ‘educate’ us – teaching us the language that many of the people we are trying to help are all too familiar with.

‘Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points’ (or HACCP for short), became something we could explain at a moment’s notice.

‘Care of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH), is now a term we know meant slightly more than avoiding the pub on a Friday night.

‘Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences’ (RIDDOR), was now something we knew as an important practice to have in the workplace, (and a practice we sought to implement in our own office kitchen!).

Of course, developing an on-demand jobs platform for the hospitality industry doesn’t mean that we are all seasoned hospitality professionals. The inploi team is built up of an eclectic range of talent, that has come together to change the way people work and find jobs. We truly believe we’re creating something worthwhile that is of great benefit to the industry. Feedback so far suggests that we’re right.

We also firmly believe that the hospitality industry is a great place to work. A deep understanding of the area we are working in is one of the ways we set ourselves apart.

Our philosophy is that a team draws on each member to unite and become the greatest it can be. In this instance, Thomas was able to enlighten us about some simple terms we weren’t aware of. There are of course many pearls of wisdom that the inploi team has managed to help Thomas with.

But it’s not about us. Our aim is to help jobseekers and employers connect in a more efficient, reliable and fun way. Demystifying and understanding every aspect of the hospitality industry is just one of the ways that we can improve our own customer experience. We look forward to having you along on the journey and welcoming you into the inploi community! 

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