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Bringing a taste of Singapore to the City of London with Nusa Kitchen

Bringing a taste of Singapore to the City of London with Nusa Kitchen inploi Team | 22.09.2017

Bored of London’s lunch scene, mother and son Patou and Mark set up Nusa Kitchen in 2004. Cooking food inspired by her childhood, Patou still works in Nusa Kitchen’s central kitchen 15 years on, giving the company its unique heart and family feel.

Serving up breakfast and lunch options influenced by Patou’s Singaporean and Indian background, Nusa Kitchen provides London’s office workers with exciting toasties, fruit pots, soups, salads and rice box options, using plenty of healthy ingredients. All their food is cooked in a central kitchen, based in Beckton before being simply heated and served to customers in their restaurants across Central London.

Patou and Mark remain hands-on managers of the business, despite it growing in leaps and bounds over the past decade. From one original restaurant, the company has grown to five Nusa Kitchen sites open across the city, and Patou continues to inspire her employees with her passion and creative energy. Each week Nusa Kitchen offers a new soup created by Patou and her kitchen team, something that employees as well as customers can’t wait to try: “I always look forward to what’s going to be on next week’s menu”, Pelin, Nusa Kitchen’s Head of Human Resources comments, “I always look forward to lunch times. And it’s healthy as well, that’s for sure!”

Between them, the company co-founders try visit all the restaurants every day, so they know all their team members firsthand. Open 7am-4pm, Nusa Kitchen is most busy during lunch periods, when their Floor staff have to be particularly on their toes. The most important aspect is that the customers enjoy their experience, which means that Nusa Kitchen are always on the lookout for friendly, polite people to join their team who also pride themselves on top customer service. Pelin explains, “We want a smiley face. We want them to be helpful and to take care of our customers. You offer them samples, they try them, and hopefully they come back.”

Nusa Kitchen has garnered a loyal following, not only for it’s delicious vegetarian and vegan food options, but also because of it’s efficient, personable customer service. With a sixth site opening in Old Street in October 2017, the company is enjoying fast growth and is keen to keep its staff happy. Although they seek full-time workers, the hours Nusa Kitchen offer staff are great for those with families or have studies to undertake in the evenings, and all staff are given access to Perkbox as a reward for their hard work.

Although it’s a fast-growing company, the founders remain heavily involved with the day-to-day running of the business and regularly take on feedback from their team: “We have training. Right now we are putting together a training manual for all of the staff, and then after two months we can sit down and say, ‘This is your progress. Is this meeting your expectations? What were you expecting before starting with Nusa?’. We just want to make sure that both parties are happy.”

Becoming a team member at Nusa Kitchen is not about joining a single restaurant. With each Nusa Kitchen site set within walking distance of another, team members quickly become part of the Nusa Kitchen family. It’s evident that they are exceptionally proud of where they have come from, and they are hungry for greater success in the future.

If you're interested in joining the Nusa Kitchen family, you can check out their latest openings on the Nusa Kitchen company page here.