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Beautiful, boutique and British: The Sanctuary House Hotel

Beautiful, boutique and British: The Sanctuary House Hotel inploi Team | 17.11.2017

Set on Westminster’s oldest street, The Sanctuary House Hotel is the epitomy of a beautiful, traditional London public house and hotel, converted from a book publishing house in the 1940s. The hotel boasts 34 boutique-style rooms and with breakfast included in guest rates, mornings are a busy time. We met with Sylwia, Deputy Manager at The Sanctuary House Hotel to find out more about what it’s like working in this striking venue.

Throughout the day, the dynamic of the restaurant and bar area pivots consistently, from hotel breakfasts through to tourist-fuelled lunch services and the bustle of post-work drinks at the bar. “It’s a friendly atmosphere and a busy place,” Sylwia explains, “particularly Wednesday through Friday. There’s always something to do all the time.”

Like every good local pub, The Sanctuary House Hotel has its regular returning clients, “We have a great connection.” Sylwia says. So what about the team that keep this busy venue running? It’s clear that this is a place where people join and are happy to stay. “We have some new starters, but the rest are a year, five years, or longer. It’s a lot of fun as well. The guys who work here are very friendly and very good at training new people.”

Having joined the team as a Bar Staff, Sylwia has worked her way up to the position of Deputy Manager. “Progression is a really individual decision.” She explains, “Once you’ve made your decision to say be a Manager in the future, things happen faster. Within two years you can become an Assistant Manager. And then another year to become a Deputy Manager.” For Sylwia, Fuller’s was the right place to be. Able to take her career progression in her own hands, she’s stayed with Fuller’s for 12 years, and enjoys the diversity of her role from day to day. “It’s definitely a very good company to work for. If you want to progress, if you know what you want to do then you can definitely get there.”

At present, The Sanctuary House Hotel are looking for full-time and part-time Bar Staff to join their team. It’s a great opportunity for those looking for an entry-level position in hospitality, offering flexibility, fun and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. “We’re looking for personality - definitely friendliness. We don’t need anybody with experience as such because we can train everyone - and that’s no problem. But definitely that warmth and friendliness.”

If this sounds like you, why not apply now? Find out more about The Sanctuary House Hotel and their latest job openings on their company page here